About us


Peter Mediphar Co. Ltd., a part of Smart Science group (2015), was established in 2020. We are one of the leader Thailand’s company providing protein supplements (egg white protein beverage with various flavors, eggwhite protein tablet) as well as healthy gummy named Hemomin.

Hemomin is widely used for medical purpose (for protein deficiency patient namely chronic kidney failure, diabetes, liver disease, Chemotherapy, surgical healing) as well as for general healthcare. Hemomin is already exporting to a number of countries. We continue to develop products to fulfill customers requirements with the best possible solution.

We value the opportunity to deliver the best supplements to improve customers health




Hemomin Products

Hemomin Egg White
Hemomin BlendHemomin GummyHemoimn For Pet

Medical Devices
Covid-19 Ag test kits
Rapid Test Kits
Medical Supplies


Hemodialysis Products
Hemodialysis machine
DialyzerHaemodialysis solution



Disinfectant for cleaning
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